About England

United Kingdom is a sovereign state formed by England, Scotland, Wales and North Ireland. With its close geographic location to other European Countries, cities like London, which is the capital of UK, serves as the first choice for multi-national companies to locate their headquarters. London has become the third largest economy center in the world. Moreover, UK has developed a successful medical system where the residents are not required to pay fees for consultations in public hospitals. Added to the list, UK is also famous for its high education standards and 12 year free education system provided.

Migrant Conditions

  • Above age of 18 years
  • Own at least £2M individual net assets
  • Invest in financial instruments

Family Sponsorship

  • Your spouse
  • Child below age of 18 years

Invest Proposal

Invest Capital (£) Invest period (Years) Stay period (Days/ Year) Eligible to apply
2,000,000 5 185
Permanent Residency
5,000,000 3 185
Permanent Residency
10,000,000 2 185
Permanent Residency


  • Initial Assessment:
    • Provide free consultation, assessment and collect required documents. Sign service contract and letter of attorney
  • Pass Initial Inspection:
    • Applicant opens bank account which is prepared for capital verification.
  • Capital Identification:
    • Invest capital and obtain certificate issued by bank
  • Hand in Application:
    • British Consulate verifies applicant identity when application is received
  • Visa granted and proceed investment:
    • Applicant receives visa with eligible period of 40 months.
      Complete investment within the first 3 months.
      After 3 years, applicant needs to apply for extended visa for 2 years.
      After 5 years, applicant can apply for permanaent residency.

Documents Required

  • 3 copies of Color photo (45mm x 35mm)
  • Identity Card
  • Passport (including all old copes)
  • Marital Certificate
  • Birth Certificate
  • Bank Statement for last 3 months with confirmation letter
  • Tuberculosis Test Report (available in assigned clinic)
  • Notarial Certificate of Non-criminal Punishment

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