About Australia

Australia has a population of 19 million. Most of them live along the east coast facing the Atlantic Ocean. In the early days, many people migrated to Australia from Europe. With the trend of more and more immigrants from Asian countries, Australia turned into a multi-cultural country. English is the native language of Australia, showing the intimate relationship to UK, US and other western countries. Australia enjoys a great reputation of being a friendly, quiet and comfortable country which has lead it to be an ideal place for travel and study.

Similar to most European regions, Australia experiences temperate weather for most of the year however its climate varies due to the size of the continent. The northern states have warmer weather while the southern states experience cooler winters. Australia is also one of the driest countries on earth with an average annual rainfall of less than 600 millimeters.

In Queensland, Northern Territory, and Western Australia, average summer daytime and nighttime temperatures are 29 and 20 degrees respectively; during cooler weather in July, the average daytime and nighttime temperatures are 22 and 10 degrees respectively. In Victoria, New South Wales, Southern Australia, and Tasmania, the average summer daytime and nighttime temperatures are 26 and 16 degrees respectively; during cooler weather in July, the average daytime and nighttime temperatures are 15 and 7 degrees respectively.

Migrant Conditions

Since July 2012, Australia immigration has withdrawn visa applications by reducing the number from 13 visa subclasses to 3. Simultaneously, a new set of business immigration and entrepreneurship migrant schemes have been enforced. The three categories of visas currently available are:

Subclass 132: Business Talent (Permanent) Visa

Subclass 188: Business Innovation and Investment (Provisional) Visa

Subclass 888: Business Innovation and Investment (Permanent) Visa

Migrant Proposal 1:

Subclass 188: Invest AUD$ 5 million to apply for a Significant Investor Visa (SIV), eligible for 4 years temporary residency:

  • Obtain “Expression of Interest” invitation and guaranteed by State authorities.
  • No requirement in English speaking and no age boundary.
  • Easier to satisfy remittance limit and capital proof.
  • Principal applicant stays in Australia for 160 days within 4 years.
  • Visa can be renewed twice with 2 years eligible period per time.
  • Invest AUD$ 5 million to regulated investment instruments:
    State authorities bond
    Australia fund ( infrastructure, cash, estate, stocks or debenture from listed companies
    non-listed company operate in Australia
  • After four years, there are two options available to apply for permanent residency:
    a.Apply for subclass 888 Green card
    b.Visa can be renewed two times with 2 years eligible period per renew. For each renew, another
      80 days are needed to stay in Australia. After fulfilling residence requirement, applicant can apply for subclass 888 Green card after 6-8 years.

Migrant Proposal 2:

Subclass 888: Permanent Residency Green card Visa Invest AUD$ 5 million in “SIV”:

  • Live in Australia for 4 years within 5 years' time; Apply for extension of Green card; or
  • Live in Australia for 3 years within 4 years' time; Grant Australian passport

Rating Criteria( passing mark is 65 )

Rating items Rating details Score
Family Property
(over past 2 years)
Over AUD$ 800,000 5
Over AUD$ 1.3 million 15
Over AUD$ 1.8 million 25
Over AUD$ 2.5 million 35
Business Background (applicable to entrepreneurs only) Own shares for 4 years’ time for the past 5 years 10
Own shares for 7 years’ time for the past 8 years 15
Sales (over the past 4 years) Any 2 years, exceed AUD$50,000 / year 5
Any 2 years, exceed AUD$ 1 million / year 15
Any 2 years, exceed AUD$ 1.5 million / year 25
Any 2 years, exceed AUD$ 2 million / year 35
Investment Background (applicable to investment only) AUD$ 100,000 investment in the past 4 years 10
AUD$ 100,000 investment in the past 7 years 15
Age 18-24 20
25-32 30
33-39 25
40-44 20
45-54 15
Education Background Australia bachelor / certificate 5
Foreign Bachelor 5
Bachelor in business, science, technician 10
Language IELTS: E5ach paper level 5 5
IELTS: Each paper level 7 10
Other criteria Above 1 years registered patent 15
Above 1 year registered brand 10
Above 1 year joint venture 5
Any 2 years within past 4 years’ time: export accounts 50% or above of sales 15
Recognized contribution by State 10
Awarded by govt AUD$ 10,000 of (new business, marketing) or accept investment over AUD$ 100,000 10
Business set up not more than 5 years, sales growth rate over 20% in 3 consecutive years. At least 1 year with more than 10 employees 10


Process Procedures Time Related Documents & Info
Free Consultation 1 day
Process clients' document after collecting all proofs Client sign contract and pay deposit (70% of total)
Hand in "Express of interest" (mainly for 188 subclass) / formulate business proposal and apply for state authority guarantee
Audit report from Australia auditors Auditing fee charges
Hand in application to Australia Immigration
Body check
Process Visa

A) Personal Information

  • China identity card
  • Passport (include photo and all records of visiting Australia)
  • Birth certificate from authorities and hospital
  • Martial certificate
  • Household registry
  • Non-criminal certificate (apply to all applicant above age of 16)
  • Address proof for the past 10 years
  • Parents, siblings’ name, their birth date, current live state and martial status
  • Work proof for principal applicant and spouse, or their study plan.
  • 4 copies of passport photo for each individuals

B) Personal Assets

  • Bank balance
  • Stock proof
  • Property: valuation certificate and surveyors’ reports

C) Company Information

  • Business Registration
  • Tax registry cert.
  • Capital Verification Report & Bank Deposit Receipt confirmed by Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch
  • Recent company registry from Commerce, Industry and Tourism Branch
  • Article of Association, partners’ expression of interest or foreign investor’s permit
  • Accounting report for the past two years
  • Monthly Proof of Duty Payment for the past 2 years
  • Account for business for the past 2 years verified by Hong Kong certified accountants
  • 10 copies of company photos
  • Organization structure
  • Promotional materials

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