Hong Kong is an international financial center, has world-class commercial and private international banking services. At major international banks compete with each other, the Hong Kong banking provides a convenient mode and meet the customers required services. In Hong Kong, currency and funds can be freely convertible and freely transferred, together with the tax system is simple, this directly help and enhance your companies business and financing activities flexibility.

Main advantages of opening bank accounts in Hong Kong

  • Freedom to allocate and transfer funds, clients can freely allocate the funds on account are not subject to the domestic foreign exchange controls. This facilitates international receipts and payments.
  • Oversea control of the operation, you can use internet banking or telephone banking to facilitate the day-to-day operation.
  • Deposit interest rate concessions and flexible, and exempt from bank interest tax.
  • Relatively easy to raise finance from banks.

Generally, at the same time of opening Hong Kong and Overseas companies, many companies would intend to open a bank account in Hong Kong (Note: the Hong Kong Government does not require enterprises to open bank accounts, you can base on your actual needs to decide whether to open). Our company is a professional to help customers set up a Hong Kong bank account, we have co-operation with all major banks in Hong Kong for many years, and we can arrange a bank manager to provide customers with convenient services to open an account, which normally takes only 1-2 weeks (including Internet Banking). However, if necessary, your company can open bank account within one day. The bank accounts, in general, include Hong Kong dollar account, foreign currency accounts (including all common foreign currency in general), phone banking, ATM cards and Internet accounts, etc. When necessary, we can arrange to open the Import and Export Letters of Credit (LC) account.

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