Panama is a democratic republic. Panama became a member of the United Nations on November 13, 1945, as a founding member, and once broke relations with the United States due to the sovereignty of Panama Canal. In 1994, it joined in Central American Conference and resumed its membership of the Rio Group.

In 1997, after the re-unification of Hong Kong with China, Consulate General of Panama in Hong Kong was changed to a business office. Panama and mainland China agreed to set business offices in Panama, Beijing and Hong Kong.


  • Secure the privacy of personal details of the director and the shareholder with greatest confidentiality.
  • Convenience on transfer of Shares (No stamp duty / restriction).
  • Able to open a bank account in Hong Kong.
  • Do not require to submit Annual Return.
  • Not required to submit the company accounts annually.
  • Tax exemption for offshore company.

Key Corporate Features

General Information
Political Stability Good
Type of Company Non resident / IBC
Legal System Civil Law
Corporate Requirement
Minimum Number of Shareholders 1
Minimum Number of Directors 1
Registered Address Yes
Minimum Number of President 1
Minimum Number of Treasurer 1
Company Secretary Yes

Setup Requirement

  • Company Name Requirement: English Name (Additional charge for Chinese Name)
  • 3 Directors
  • 1 Shareholder (No restriction on the nationality; Shareholder can also be appointed as Director)
  • 1 President
  • 1 Treasurer
  • 1 Company Secretary
  • Standard Authorized Capital is USD10,000
  • Increase of Share Capital, additional stamp duty is required

Setup Procedure

Ready-made list for Ready-made Company Tailor-made Company (3 intended names in order of preference)
Provide Due Diligence documents of the shareholders, the directors, president, treasurer and company secretary which include Passport or I.D Card, utility bill within 3 months and registered proportion of shares
Arrange all shareholders and directors to sign the documents
To set up a Ready-made company within 10 working days To set up a Ready-made company within 15 working days
Company incorporation completed with a document box which includes Certificate of Incorporation, M&A and Share Certificates, etc.

Company Maintenance

  • Renewal fee should be paid annually to ensure the legal status of the company
  • Annual renewal fees are payable every year in January starting the year following the company incorporation and every January thereafter if the company was incorporated in the first half of the previous year. If incorporation was in the second half of year, the annual renewal fee is payable on 1st July of the following year and every July thereafter
  • If issued Capital is increased, additional annual license fee is required

Service Fee

Incorporation Fee HKD
Incorporation documents
Provision of Registered Agent for a year
Obtaining a Certificate of Incumbency from the registered agent for opening bank accounts
Box set
Disbursements - Local transport, courier and miscellaneous HKD500
Arrange and provide a set of certified corporate documents for opening a Bank Account HKD2,000
Obtaining a Certificate of Good Standing from the registered agent for opening bank accounts
Renewal Fee HKD

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